Trinity Family Medicine, P.C.

Family and Preventative Healthcare


Telephone Calls

For Emergencies: If your call concerns life threatening emergency dial 911. For other emergencies, please call the clinic early in the day because most problems are handled best when the full resources of the clinic are available. If your problem cannot wait for regular hours, call the clinic number (742-3033). Our answering service will assist you.

For Medical Questions: Our office staff is trained to field your medical questions. If your provider needs to talk to you personally, he or she will return your call at the earliest opportunity. Non-urgent calls are usually answered from 5 p.m.

For Lab and X-Ray Reports: Your understanding of the information on your reports is extremely important. We routinely review reports at your office visits in order to discuss the report and answer questions on how best to address the findings. If a report has results of an urgent nature, we will contact you by phone.

For Prescription Refills: Our providers work to prescribe treatments including pharmaceutical refills until a follow up appointment is needed. This almost completely eliminates the need for you to call and request refills, as long as you return as scheduled for your follow up appointments. In the event that you do not have enough of your medications to last until your followup, call our office 2 business days prior to running out of medications and we will decide on the best course of action.  Antibiotics and pain medicines are generally not prescribed over the phone.

Financial Policy
Each time you visit a provider, have labs drawn, or a procedure is done an invoice is generated. As a convenience to our patients, we are contracted with many insurance carriers and we submit claims directly for you. We request notification prior to rendering medical services of any changes in insurance carriers or insurance coverage, as well as changes in any general information such as your name, address, phone number, or employment. We also require you to inform us of any medical care received from other providers since your last visit.It is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage and benefits. You should verify that your provider will be accepted and paid by your insurance carrier. Trinity Family Medicine, P.C. is not responsible for out of network denials or reduced payment. IF you have an insurance plan with a carrier which we are not contracted, we can still process claim in order for you to receive your out of network benefits. Please remember, the contract with your insurance company is between you and them, we cannot hold them responsible for payment. All insurance co-pay, deductibles, and private pay fees are due at the time services are rendered. See below for full printable version of our financial policy.

Prompt Pay
There are many people without insurance and we wish to help make our care be more affordable to them. We are able to offer to our patients who have no insurance, the following programs without violating any contractual or governmental regulations. Please contact our office for details of the following programs:      

smartlabs: lab testing made affordable to our uninsured patients through prompt pay discounts.      
smartcare: healthcare made affordable to our uninsured patients through prompt pay discounts.

Information you share with your provider is kept in strictest confidence. This medical information cannot be given to anyone else without your written permission. Be aware that your signature, when you sign up for insurance, usually grants permission for the insurance company to obtain any of your medical records they desire.

Our patients needing hospitalization may choose Plains Regional Medical Center (PRMC), Roosevelt General Hospital (RGH), or Muleshoe Area Medical Center (MAMC). Hospitalist's within PRMC will treat our patients if admitted for, upon your discharge records can be forwarded to us enabling us to resume care once you leave the hospital.

If you require a referral from us to another healthcare provider, we must see you at an office visit in order to evaluate the referral request and process the necessary information. We require at least one week for routine referrals in order to process insurance company authorizations and forward required information the selected provider.