Trinity Family Medicine, P.C.

Family and Preventative Healthcare


The mission of Trinity Family Medicine, P.C. is to meet your healthcare needs with compassion and skill in the manner of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician. We desire to aid individuals in obtaining and maintaining their temples (bodies) in optimal wellness through individualized treatment focusing on therapeutic lifestyle changes in order to obtain truehealth.'truehealth' - is living a lifestyle (body, soul and spirit) that allows you to fulfill your unique potential for loving the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength as well as to love others as yourself in order to have a rich and satisfying life.    John 10:10 NLT


Trinity Family Medicine, P.C believes patients are unique in the way their bodies work all the way down to the cellular level. We believe their uniqueness is also evident in the way they choose to work their bodies, through the decisions they make, the emotions they develop, and the environment in which they live.Our functional medicine approach is patient-centered to support true health. This means we consider spiritual and personal beliefs, attitudes, and motivations along with physical, mental, emotional, and environmental aspects of each patient.This approach does not consider the absence of disease to be the same as optimal health. Even the most minor signs and symptoms can foreshadow more serious conditions later in life. Minor imbalances in life which go unaddressed often produce a cascade of biological triggers that eventually lead to poor health and chronic disease. For this reason, our staff focuses on the prevention instead of just treatment of even the most minor imbalances. Through our knowledge ofgenetic, phyisiological, and biochemical process, we assist our patients incrafting a therapeutic lifestyle in order to continue the journey oftruehealth. We offer a wide range of therapeutic options focusing on natural therapies. Our Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) programs incorporate nutraceuticals (natural medicines) when appropriate and are the basis of treatment. Along with this approach our office specializes in the areas of treating allergies through sublingual immunotherapy (oral drops) and caring for individuals having gluten intolerance, which includes Celiac disease. When necessary we use 'new to nature molecules' such as pharmaceuticals (drugs) for treatment of various conditions.